Emprah “Tha Great”

is the true definition of an “underground king”. He’s a mordern day visionary and a true artist at heart, consistently bringing phenominal project after project. He is the owner & founder of MooreVision MultiMedia & Thug’z Nation Entertainment. MooreVision MultiMedia is a Media Network that consist off digital TV/Radio/Podcast/Movies/Music/Entertainment/Distribution/ & Record Labels.

Thug’z Nation Entertainment is an Independent Record Label, which under the guidance and leadership of it’s Owner/CEO Emprah “Tha Great” is responsible for bringing forth 150+ projects that has collectively accounted for 30 million+ streams and counting across all platforms and this only the begining.

Known as the “Digital Dealer”, Emprah “Tha Great” has introduced to the world numerous artist and labels, assisting them in attaining worldwide visabilty and success; via broadcasting them across all MooreVision MultiMedia Platforms and Distribution. Emprah “Tha Great” has become one of the most worthy advocates of inependent entertainment companies and artist worldwide.


a man that doesn’t need any introduction. Romezette is a key partener and affiliate of Emprah “Tha Great”, He’s also the founder and owner of PantherLyfe Ent. & Panther Records. He has worked alongside Lydia Harris (Co-Founder Of DeathRow Records) As Sr. Promotional Director. This “Panther” is also responsible for many succesful concerts and events that has showcased Commercial and Underground Artist from his homeland Houston, Tx. to all across the nation.

Romezette’s contributions to the independent music & entertainment scene has been a vital, key component to MooreVision MultiMedia’s success & growth.

Wolf Deezy “Da Beast”

Wolf Deezy “Da Beast” the Vice President of Thug’z Nation Entertainment. Wolf Deezy has worked diligently alongside Emprah “Tha Great”; being a consistent a key contributor to the label as an Artist, Talent Scout, and Manager of operations. That goes without saying He’s one hell of an Artist, Rapper and Entertainer, very few can compete with the likes of Wolf Deezy “Da Beast” in this Rap/Music shi…..

PGE King Don

King Don is the founder and owner of PackGame Entertainment, but it’s way more deeper than that…. King Don is Thug’z Nations Entertainment‘s In House Star. King Don has contributed a long and strenghthy and undeniable body of work to the Label. He’s a true work horse and very well respected in the community for his talent and lifestyle.

Alongside Emprah “Tha Great” King Don is very well known for performing any menu venues and events across Houston & these great United States; known as #Royalty on the Hip Hop & Entertainment scene

Shantel Devone

Mrs. “DragonTatz”, Shantel Devone is MooreVision MultiMedia’s Director of Accounts Recievable & Program Director. She has worked alongside Emprah “Tha Great” for more than several years marketing artist & entertainment firms; putting them in Digital Rotation and showcasing their talents and content to the world. Shantel Devone is the embodiment of MooreVision. She’s Also one hell of an MC.