Hot New IKON ~ Trill Cut

Are You The Next #IKON?         Trill Cut Why Do You Feel That You Are The Next ( Rap / R&B ) IKON? To be an icon, you have to stand for something greater than yourself. So…

Hot New R&B / RAP Submission Form

Thank you for purchasing the Hot New R&B/Rap Ikon campaign. We are very excited to work with your brand! Thugznation Entertainment and Moorevision TV has a lot of exciting new Ventures presently going on for up-and-coming artist, that will be…

MooreVisionTv / Hot New Houston Radio Brings You!!!! HOT NEW R&B IKON CONTEST

MooreVisionTv & Hot New Houston Radio Is Looking For The Next IKON!!!

AOA Reveal Confidence Tips & Who’s the Best Lacrosse Player at KCON 2015 L.A.: Exclusive

The country singer Ashley Monroe offered a caveat near the beginning of her show Tuesday night at the Bowery Ballroom. “I usually write a lot of sad, depressing

Dierks Bentley at Miles & Music for Kids 2015: ‘Everyone Had a Great Time’

The exhibit, called Keith Urban So Far, will open on Nov. 20 and will show the history of one of country’s biggest global ambassadors through his memorabilia. They doubtless were Thark warriors who had been sent out to capture us,…