RICO: San Antonio’s Newest Hitmaker

Walking into the building, I saw a few guys, but there were dozens of ladies all in the front, eagerly waiting to see the young man known as RICO. He began his performance with a familiar song that had the entire crowd singing along. Then, he dropped his newest hit, “Walk,” and instantly, the crowd came alive. All the ladies started lining up for a line dance. I couldn’t help but admire the energy in the room as I turned to RICO and said, “You, my sir, are awaiting greatness.”

RICO, whose biological name is Ryan, hails from San Antonio, TX, and now resides in Houston. His music genre combines Hip Hop and Zydeco, creating a unique and heartfelt sound. His journey into music was inspired by his mother and his choir background.

When asked about his biggest regret, RICO revealed that it’s holding back his emotions and thoughts for too long, something he’s now channeling through his music. He’s proud of his achievements, particularly opening for one of his Htown legends, Lil KeKe, which felt like a dream come true, given his San Antonio roots.

Describing his music, RICO emphasized that it’s “HEART FELT.” He aims to create music that resonates deeply with his audience, prioritizing relatability over raw intensity.

As for upcoming projects, RICO recently participated in the Crank It Up 4 car show, hosted by Al B Productions, on September 10th, and looks forward to being a part of PART 5. He also has an exciting show lined up for November 4th at the Lone Star Rally in Galveston, TX, promising a big, fun-filled event. Plus, he’s gearing up to release a brand-new song, which he’ll debut at the upcoming show, adding an extra layer of anticipation for his fans.

Written by Rome Bougere


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