Halloween Series: Spooky Happenings in Houston Area (Fictional)

In the small, quiet town of Willowbrook, nestled deep in the woods, there stood an old, abandoned mansion known as the “Hawthorn House.” Locals believed it was haunted, and tales of eerie happenings had been passed down for generations.

One moonless night, a group of adventurous teenagers decided to explore the mansion. Armed with flashlights and a sense of bravado, they entered through the creaking front door. As they ventured deeper into the darkened halls, they heard whispers in the shadows and felt icy drafts despite the lack of wind.

Suddenly, a grand piano in the parlor began to play a haunting melody on its own, its keys moving as if by invisible hands. The teenagers froze, their blood turning to ice. They exchanged nervous glances but couldn’t see anyone else in the room.

The piano’s music grew louder, more frantic, and the whispers in the shadows intensified. Panic set in, and the group rushed for the exit. Just as they crossed the threshold, the mansion’s front door slammed shut with a deafening bang.

With pounding hearts, they managed to force the door open and stumbled outside. The Hawthorn House loomed behind them, its windows glowing ominously. They never returned, and to this day, the mansion remains a place of fear and mystery in Willowbrook.

Written by Rome Bougere


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