Meet The Dynamic Program Director for Bangin832Radio-SuthunBelle

Meet the dynamic program director of Bangin832Radio, Suthunbelle, hailing from Houston, TX. Her journey into the world of media started in Tacoma, WA, but it was her time studying Radio/TV Broadcast Communications at Prairie View A&M University that truly ignited her passion.

Originally dreaming of becoming a news anchor, Suthunbelle soon realized the field’s challenges and opted for radio, where her love for music could shine. Her unwavering dedication to her craft has molded her into the media powerhouse she is today.

Suthunbelle has no regrets; she views each misstep as a valuable lesson. Her proudest achievement is creating a platform that uncovers hidden musical talents. Many artists have made their debuts on Bangin832Radio, and this platform will continue to nurture emerging talent.

Suthunbelle’s work ethic is summed up in one word: “prompt.” She believes in getting things done promptly and honoring all commitments. Together with her co-host, the multi platinum rapper, Young Bleed, they’re set to interview numerous artists and sponsor exciting events in Houston. Upcoming highlights include the Crank It Up Carshow and Concert on September 10th and The Black Market Extravaganza: 50 Shades of Green on September 16th.

Suthunbelle’s journey in media and her commitment to showcasing emerging talent make her a true trailblazer in the industry. Keep an ear tuned to Bangin832Radio for more exciting developments.

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