[ProdbyNahuma]:Producer to Podcast Persona

Introducing Nahuma Holiday, better known as [ProdbyNahuma], and a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Houston, Texas, Nahuma brings a unique blend of Slab, Trap, and R&B to the stage.

His journey into music began at a young age, igniting a passion that burns brighter than ever. But what really sets Nahuma apart is his dedication. With over 20,000 hours poured into his craft, he’s no stranger to hard work.

Nahuma is not just an artist but also one-half of the dynamic duo known as Montecarlo Brown. Together, they’re crafting music that resonates with fans from all walks of life.

When asked about regrets, Nahuma’s answer is refreshingly honest. He wishes he had gained his current knowledge sooner, a testament to his commitment to growth and improvement.

In his impressive career, Nahuma has claimed the title of Loud Music BeatBattle Champ, showcasing his undeniable talent. He’s built strong business relationships, gained a loyal client base, and excels in audio and visual production. Nahuma is also a versatile writer, comfortably navigating various musical genres.

Now, let’s talk about what’s on the horizon. Nahuma has exciting projects in the works. Keep an eye out for “The MANCAVE K.I.N.G.S” and the upcoming Montecarlo Brown album.

With his unwavering work ethic and a passion that knows no bounds, Nahuma Holiday is a rising star in the music world, and he’s just getting started. Connect with him at prodbynahuma@gmail.com or (832)943-8417 to be part of his musical journey.


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